Mobile game «My Cafe»

About Us

Take advantage of the unique chance to create your cafe and build coffee business from scratch moving on the exciting path from beginner to advanced master of coffee and desserts preparation.

People share their joys and sorrows over a cup of fragrant drink, so be prepared for the fact that your cafe will play and important role in the life of the whole town.


Why is it worth playing

Always dreamed about opening your cafe, or just wanted to try yourself in something new?


Create your cafe right now and let yourself be immersed in the atmsphere of a fascinating coffee bussiness: hire employees, buy machines for making drinks, unlock new recipes and improve the menu, create coziness and unique style of your cafe.


Become a Gury of coffee business

The path to creating a better cafe starts with the first grain. Control your finances, purchase equipment and hire the best employees for your cafe to prosper.


Plunge into the abyss of intrigues and passions

A cup of “Italian-Style hot chocolate” will help with unrequited love. “Maxi cappuccino with ginseng” will set the mood for a serious conversation, and a cup of “Tea with saffron and galangal” will help to find a criminal. The life of a small town is filled with amazing stories about love, friendship, intrigues and deceptions. Become a part of them: help and console, rejoice and emphatize with charismatic characters!

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